An exploration of the people behind the projects. Each post is an exclusive interview with a member of the open source community.

Kent C. Dodds

cross-env, angular-formly, validate-commit-msg, webpack-validator, webpack-config-utils, p-s, match-sorter, ng-stats, starwars-names, npm-kentcdodds, stack-overflow-copy-paste

Matteo Collina

Node.js, Split2, Cloneable-Readable, MQTT, MOSCA, UpRing, pino

Rob Allen

Slim Framework, rka-ip-address-middleware, rka-content-type-renderer

Una Kravets

youmightnotneedjs.com, SVG Icon System Boilerplate, Gulp Starter Environment, CSSgram

Ryan Bigg

Spree, Ruby on Rails Guides, Rboard, Forem, Discourse, by_star, Summer, Helpa Bot, Logs, Paranoia, Twist