An exploration of the people behind the projects. Each post is an exclusive interview with a member of the open source community.


This blog is meant to be a medium for the personal stories of open source developers. Each published interview will feature multiple aspects of the individual: everything from his or her backgrounds, to why he or she got into development, to why he or she decided to become a contributor to the open source community.

The objective of this series is to show the pride and commitment these individuals have in the work they do, and that their work is meant for the good of the community.


If you are an open source contributor and would like to be interviewed, let me know using the contact information below, or reach out or sign up if you are interested in just getting involved!

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Our Contributors

John Jones

John Jones started _theInitialCommit in September of 2016. John is the Vice President of the Case Foundation located in downtown Washington D.C. Through both his work at the Case Foundation and on projects such as this, John has a passion for leveraging technology in meaningful, robust ways. While not a prominent open source contributor, John understands the incredible value created by the open source community thanks to the hard work and dedication of many. Follow him on Twitter @johnjones4.

Maddison Long

Maddison Long is passionately working on new technology trends that are shaping tomorrow’s societies. With a background in branding and technology marketing, he has ample opportunities at Inocybe Technologies to promote a healthy connected lifestyle. As the Marketing Director, he contributes to the growth and prosperity of the OpenDaylight Ecosystem, and more broadly, the Canadian Open Source Innovation Ecosystem through his involvement with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN). Follow him on Twitter @Maddison_Long.